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1. Second-generation Bluetooth 5.0 chip

2. LED smart cool button light

3. 9D stereo HIFI brass surround

4. Graphene film speaker

5. Magnetic pull-out charging box

6. Ergonomic design; will not fall when worn on the ear

7. Life waterproof; no matter whether it is sweat in the gym or outdoor sports in the rain, it will not ause damage to the headphones.

8. Support single/binaural use (left and right headphones have built-in microphones for independent voice calls)

9. The ergonomically designed headphone head with soft natural silicone earmuffs will not cause ear pain and other bad conditions even if you wear the headphones for a long time.


Transmission range: 10M

Functions: power display, voice control, call function, music support

Bluetooth protocol: 5.0

Channel: stereo

Usage: earplug

Single or double ears: double stereo

Package Content

Bluetooth Earphone*1

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 40 cm


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