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Electric toy

Product advantages:

1) Silent tooth box, shaking head without noise;

2) Ultra-high sensitivity, 7500 rpm motor, 180 degree shaking head, placed on the table, can be rolled, the video can ask customer service in detail;

3) The outer shell has a water-free position, and the glue position is in a concealed position;

4) Open the split body with the hands and feet, no need to spray the oil process;

5) 6 functions are complete, shaking your head, blinking, kissing, farting, sleeping, snoring;

Main material: environmental protection ABS + environmental protection PVC

Packing size: 15*5.2*22.5cm

Product weight: 150g

Fingertip monkeys, electronic pets, cute and cute shapes, dozens of action sound feedback: blinking, shaking your head, chattering, kissing, caressing, sleeping, etc., the little monkey can grab the fingertips or hang with the tail . Creative little gifts, teasing children is not bad. You can try to blow, touch your head, applaud, shake, and hang up, let the children play and discover the fun.

After the store’s trial, it was not as surprising as it was supposed to be. The functional feeling was average, and the children liked it. More gameplay, buyers need to find out.

Note: 1. The hands, feet, body and tail cannot be rotated.

2. During the play, please don’t over-size or force the monkey’s hand or foot to the outside, which is easy to damage.

3, finger monkeys more gameplay, buyers need to study on their own.

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 730 × 420 × 500 cm


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