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Product information:

Product name: glass pot

Material: high borosilicate glass

Specification: 1200 fabric, 1800ml (The outer can of 1200ml is marked as 1350ml, and the outer can of 1800ml is marked as 1900ml. Please note.)



1. Please clean the inside and outside carefully before use, and rinse the outer wall with water before heating;

2. When using an open flame for heating, use a slow flame (the flame does not exceed the contour of the bottom of the pot) for preheating for more than one minute;

3. Please keep the flame higher than the water level in the pot to ensure the service life;

4. This product will not burn and dry under an open flame;

5. Ensure that the glass pot is placed continuously during the heating process;

6. When cooking starchy and viscous ingredients, please keep them mixed. If you want to cook ingredients in the pot, stop the cooking process immediately. Before you continue to use the glass dish, please clean all food adhering to the glass. (Stick the ingredients on the pot and the starch paste pot, which is equivalent to the principle of dry cooking);

7. If you encounter a sticky pot, you need to immerse it in water first, and then clean it;

Packing list:

Glass pot (including lid) X1



Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 210 × 170 × 150 cm


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