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Product information:

Electric heating/hot pot function: steaming, frying, frying, braising and braising hot pot other /other boiling noodles

Color category: blue green (no gift) experience version azure blue (non-stick inner liner) Non-steamer Azure blue (non-stick inner liner) with stainless steel steamer New pink (non-stick inner liner) Non-steamer new pink (non-stick inner liner) with stainless steel steamer azure blue (non-stick inner liner) Azure blue (non-stick inner liner) with steamer pot mouth specification: 20cm and below

Voltage: 220V

Electric cooker power (value) : 600W

Pot capacity (value) : 1.5L

Additional features: dry burn prevention

Control mode: mechanical

Power: 600W

Food contact material: Teflon

Fitting pan: Classic round pan

Size: 310x160cm

Packing list:

1* electric cooking pot

Set 1* Electric Cooking Pot/Shovel/Spoon

Set of 2* Electric Cooking Pot/Shovel/Spoon Stainless Steel Steamer

Set of 3* Electric Cooking Pot/Shovel

Set of 4* Electric Cooking Pot/steamer/shovel

Product picture:

Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 330 × 180 × 180 cm

Blue Set1

Electrical outlet


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