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BM-800 has been thoroughly researched both in technology and in materials. It adopts imported professional microphone core design, and the sound is thick, round and full without distortion.

Model: BM-800

Conditions of use: desktop computer, notebook dedicated, integrated sound card, independent sound card, USB sound card

Performance: 1.5V power supply dual-channel ultra-high-definition audio source output circuit, volume enhancement

Microphone core: the soul of the product, using original F-16 super shock membrane condenser microphone core

Features: The microphone core and the mesh head are integrated. Repeated installation of the battery is not easy to wear and use more convenient

Surface treatment: The microphone mesh head uses electroplating technology, and the surface of the tube body uses automotive high-temperature spraying technology. The color is bright and delicate, and the durability is super strong.



Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions 400 × 160 × 90 cm


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