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1. A Twisted Funnel | For draining pasta and rinsing vegetables or twisting it into a turntable! No more shaking or dripping salad leaves, the pump handle spins the strainer to dry your produce in seconds

2. No more splashes | Keep your countertop dry and avoid splashing around. Spina fits the sink perfectly when you want to spin it, keeping the water in its place

3. Convenient Handle | With space-saving and convenient storage in mind, the handle can be pushed into the strainer, making it stackable in bowls and out of the way at all. Lock the handle to use the Spina as a funnel or twist to create a pump spin

4. Non-Slip Feet | Silicone feet stay fast when spinning at the highest revs, even in a wet sink! Baskets are designed to store food, then just press the handle to quickly stop the brakes


Product information:

Product size: 22*12*40cm

Color: green

Function: can be rotated to drain

Material: plastic


Packing list:

vegetable basket

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 280 × 225 × 125 cm


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