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Silicone kitchenware set


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Good helper for cooking

Stir-fry expert/Easy to fish food/Anti-scalding and anti-slip

2. Smooth surface, easy to clean

The surface of the tableware is smooth, and it is rinsed with high temperature water, which is easy to clean, which reduces the burden on life

3. The storage bucket is in order

Refuse to dispose of kitchen utensils randomly

4. Can be cooked at high temperature

High temperature resistance up to 230°C,

5. Comfortable handle, fits the shape of the hand and won’t be tired for a long time

Lengthened handle design, it is not easy to burn when stir-frying

6. Baby-like care, more at ease to use

Edible quality silicone material, which can be in direct contact with food


Product Name: Silicone Kitchenware Set

Function: Cooking

Material: Food grade silicone

Standard: FDA

Package contains: 11pcs


Package Content:

Silicone kitchenware



Weight 1.16 kg
Dimensions 300 × 150 × 350 cm

Black B Set

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