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Vegetable Kitchen Cutting Board With Trays...


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The cutting board is made of bamboo material, durable, environmental and non-toxic, is design to cut meat, chop veggies, storage, etc.

There are two types, one type is a cutting board and hardware, the other includes storage boxes.

The storage boxes is made of plastic, it has 2 large storage boxes and 3 small storage boxes, you can use it to hold prepared vegetable or meat.

Cutting onions, and veggies can get extremely messy, but after you chop the veggies, slide it into the storage box, it will make your table clean.

It has a smooth look, while keeping eco-friendly, and it could be easy to handle, clean, and last a long time.


Product Name: Multi-function cutting board

Cutting board size: 43cm*28cm*1.8cm

Small storage box size: 17.5cm*10.7cm*6cm

Large storage box size: 17.5cm*16cm*6.3cm

Cutting board + storage box Packing size: 44cm*29cm*12cm

Cutting board with hardware package size: 44cm*29cm*4.5cm

Storage box 2 large 3 small net weight: 414g

Cutting board with hardware weight: 1.91Kg

Cutting board + hardware + storage box weight: 2.56Kg

Package Content:

Cutting board+boxes:1pcs Cutting board+2 big boxes + 3 small boxes

Cutting board+10pcs boxes : 1pcs Cutting board+4 big boxes + 6 small boxes


Weight 2.44 kg
Dimensions 450 × 350 × 100 cm

Cutting board with box

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